Conferences & events in the outer castle of Lütetsburg Castle

Our “Kulturscheune” is the venue for selected daytime events and cultural highlights throughout the year: Concerts, readings, festivals, exhibitions, cooking events, etc.

Rent the “Kulturscheune” for a company meeting, a day event or a cultural event like concerts or readings - in any case you will inspire your guests with the special ambience of Lütetsburg Castle. 

The “Kulturscheune” is located in the representative outer castle of Lütetsburg Castle - the east wing was expanded as an event location in 2013: An approx. 190 sqm hall with generous window fronts with a view of the beautiful surroundings of Lütetsburg Castle Park was created.

Equipped with a wood-paneled ceiling as well as coordinated creamy white and ruby red walls, the room is given a particularly festive atmosphere.

Please note that the “Kulturscheune” is only available for events that last until midnight at the most.

If you are interested, please contact our central administration, the Rentamt Lütetsburg - we will be happy to talk you through our availability.


Gräflich zu Inn- & Knyphausen'sches Rentamt
Landstr. 55, 26524 Lütetsburg
Tel.: +49 (0)4931 – 4254
Fax: +49 (0)4931 – 4253
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More information- Kulturscheune 

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