When is the main flowering season in the castle gardens?

The main flowering season is from May to June.

The beginning of the season starts from the end of April, with the first blossoms of the Japanese azalea. 

Will the playground reopen soon?

Opening of the new playground - date will be announced soon!

Are dogs allowed?

In the park:
Yes, leashed dogs are allowed in the park.
Please collect your four-legged friends' waste in bags. These can be disposed of in a trash can at the park entrance.

In the corn maze:
Yes, leashed dogs are allowed in the corn maze. Please remove their waste from the paths.

At the Illumina:
We do not recommend bringing your four-legged friends to the Illumina. There are large crowds on the trails during peak visitation hours. The paths are marked with candles and due to the risk of candle wax in your dog's fur, we recommend against bringing your dog to this event. 

At the Lütetsburger Weihnacht:
We do not recommend visiting the Christmas market with dogs. There are a lot of people around during the peak visitation time. There is also very little space in the horse stalls, so it will definitely not be pleasant for the animal.

Are the Castle Gardens wheelchair-friendly?

The entire park is very easily accessible. There is a separate, extra-wide entrance for wheelchair users and strollers.

Is there a disabled toilet?

Yes, there is a toilet for the disabled. You will find it signposted in the entrance area next to the Schlossparkcafé.

Is there a disabled parking space available?

Yes, there is a disabled parking space. You will find it on the far left after the entrance, next to the footpath to the castle grounds.

How much are the parking fees?

Visitor parking is free now (since September 2021).

Is there a changing table?

You can find a changing table in the entrance area in the disabled toilet next to the Schlosspark café.

Where can I find bins in the park?

There are no bins in the park. You will find one by the road as you exit the park.

Are bicycles allowed in the castle gardens?

Bicycles of any kind are not allowed in the park area. There are plenty of bike racks in the entrance area for all bicycling visitors.

From what age can the Toyrovers be rented out?

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 can explore the park with an electric motor.

As a highlight, there is a children's driving license to take home at the end. During the holidays it is unfortunately not possible to reserve vehicles in advance. Please ask at the park store when you arrive when the next mini Landrover will be available for your child(ren).

Is it possible to visit the castle?

Unfortunately, the castle is not open to visitors as it is privately inhabited.

Can the castle gardens be used for photoshoots?

Written permission from the owner is required for press-related photography, filming or other recordings such as aerial shots. Please contact us at the Rent Office.

Is it possible to get married in the castle gardens?

A civil wedding is possible in the Temple of Friendship, and a church wedding in the Nordic Chapel. Please inquire about available dates and prices at the responsible registry office in Hage: www.sg-hage.de



Schlosspark Lütetsburg
Landstr. 39 | 26524 Lütetsburg

A free car park is located opposite the entrance.

Opening hours:

The gardens are open all year round:

May – September: 8am - 9pm
October – April: 10am - 5pm