Take your last journey in unity with nature and find gentle peace below the treetops of the forest - surrounded by impressive beech, oak and maple trees, you have the special option of a dignified resting place at the foot of a tree in the forest cemetery, located on the edge of the Lütetsburg Castle Gardens.

You can choose between a single grave or a joint family or group grave and thus create a very special meeting place. If you wish, you can choose your tree personally and mark it with your name.

At the edge of the burial forest, with an unobstructed view of the wide landscape, is the place of worship where the actual funeral service takes place.

In the event of the painful loss of an unborn child, we would like to offer the parents a funeral in dignified surroundings in the form of a "star tree".

A member of staff from the Burial Forest will be happy to accompany you on a site visit and advise you on all details such as the form of burial and lying times, free of charge and by prior appointment by telephone. 

Below you will find a file with the paths for orientation:

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P = Parking 

T = Meeting place

A = Devotional place

K = Chapel

Please note: The footpaths to Waldfrieden are partly sand paths and to the chapel are only sand paths, so we advise you to wear sturdy shoes - especially in bad weather.


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We are happy to send you information by post. Please provide us with your full address by email, fax or post (addressed to the contact details above).