The 2021 Christmas tree sale can take place as planned thanks to the exemption regarding the newly adopted Corona measures:

December 15-23, daily (except Sundays) from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm across from Lütetsburg Castle at the "Old Sawmill". Please observe the existing distance and hygiene rules at all times.

You can also cut your own tree - an event for the whole family!

In our Lütetsburg hunting ground we cultivate Nordmann fir trees in different age classes. In addition to room-high trees, you can also purchase large specimens, e.g. for churches or marketplaces.

Our private customer sales always start about 10 days before Christmas Eve. This guarantees freshness. You then have the opportunity to buy already cut trees in our old saw hall opposite the castle. In addition, during this time we also offer you to cut a Christmas tree yourself. A special event especially with children! All trees are netted on request. Delivery to your home is also possible!

As a dealer, you have the option with us to mark the trees in advance so that we can provide them to you on time for collection.

Interested in our naturally produced beautiful Lütetsburg Christmas trees? Then contact us!


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