With its various natural habitats, East Frisia is an exceptionally interesting area for animal lovers. A special treat in the gardens of Lütetsburg themselves, is the peacock and swan breeding. Marvel at these magnificent animals in the splendid surroundings of the castle park.

Friends of ornithology also get their money's worth. In the area of Lütetsburg Forest alone, there are over 38 species of breeding birds - from familiar specimens such as the robin to rarer species.  The annual migratory bird days are certainly a special highlight, when thousands of Dunlins, Bar-tailed Godwits and other wading birds stop over at the Wadden Sea on their way to warmer climes. 

The local NABU also regularly organises guided walks on special topics. For example, the group recently explored the habitat of the bat in Lütetsburg Forest under the expert guidance of a NABU staff member. As the only flying mammal, this creature, feared by many, turns out to be a fascinating and useful flight artist.

Another visitor magnet for young and old alike is the marine animal observation. Marine mammals such as seals and harbour seals are best observed on a cutter trip or in seal breeding stations.


Schlosspark Lütetsburg
Landstr. 39 | 26524 Lütetsburg

A free car park is located opposite the entrance.

Opening hours:

The gardens are open all year round:

May – September: 8am - 9pm
October – April: 10am - 5pm


Wildlife Events:

Would you like to know about upcoming wildlife events in Lütetsburg? Find out here about upcoming events from NABU Ostfriesland.


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