In summer 2018, the "Freundeskreis Schlosspark Lütetsburg e.V." was founded and has since been involved in the areas of monument and environmental protection, landscape conservation and the promotion of culture in Lütetsburg Castle Park, among others. The aim of the association is to preserve Lütetsburg Castle Park as a unique historical garden monument in East Frisia for future generations and to contribute to its preservation.

It is an important concern of the association members to secure the biodiversity of wild animals and plants in this unique habitat. Together and under the guidance of the Gräfliche Park administration, the members of the association take on tasks on their own responsibility and/or ensure that funds are made available.

You too can support the valuable work of the association with a donation to the donation account below or become a member:

Raiffeisen Volksbank Fresena e.G.
DE 91 2836 1592 1000 4807 00

Questions / Suggestions for the friends of Lütetsburg:

Freundeskreis Schlosspark Lütetsburg e.V.
Landstraße 55, 26524 Lütetsburg
Phone: 04931 4254
Email: [email protected]


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