The year in Lütetsburg Castle Park Lütetsburg is characterised by fixed event dates: In the spring months of May to June, visitors flock to the English Landscape Garden to marvel at the unique flowering season of the rhododendrons and azaleas: the stands of rhododendrons and azaleas are unique in their kind and extent. Visit this sea of blossoms in an impressive blaze of colour!

In summer, the Lütetsburg Castle Park Serenade is a fixed date in the event calendar every two years. - Experience an atmospheric mix of cabaret and a grand serenade concert in the evening, crowned by a magnificent firework display at the end.

In autumn, the Illumina takes place every year, a festival of light art that presents the elements of the park, the trees, waters and monuments in an impressive way. - A highlight in the region that attracts 8,000 to 10,000 visitors.

Smaller events, such as the annual Ascension Day services or open-air concerts, attract visitors to the castle park time and again - the special atmosphere makes these events unique. Amidst historical monuments and rich botany, you will experience unforgettable moments.

You can find an overview of all current event dates here. 



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