Geocaching is fun for all ages. This modern form of scavenger hunt not only offers fun and excitement, but also lets you explore your surroundings in a playful way.

Equipped with a GPS receiver, you go on an adventurous search for hidden treasures that other players have previously hidden in unusual places. Especially in the castle park Lütetsburg it is a great place to hunt for treasure - between historical staffages, a rich flower landscape and diverse fauna the search for the hidden objects becomes an exciting activity for the whole family. 

Tour 1: Distery Tour „Up söök in Norddeich“

On this geocaching tour, you will actively support the commissioners of the well-known crime book author Klaus-Peter Wolf in their investigations. Equipped with a free app to download from the apple store, the tour starts at the Norden spa administration at Dörper Weg 22. From here, you embark on an approximately 90-minute tour that will put your criminalistic intuition to the test.

All information and link to the app on the website (in German):

Tour 2: Krimicaching Tour

Experience an exciting literary and nature adventure at the same time: "armed" with a smartphone, you set off on a thrilling round trip by bike, your phone showing you the way via geo-coordinates. Watch out: At each waypoint of this literary journey, an exciting, exclusive audiobook experience with well-known East Frisian crime authors awaits you!

All information (in German):

Welcome at the Krimiküste! 

The "Krimiküste" project was created in cooperation with the Norden-Norddeich spa administration. Here you slip into the role of an investigator and solve exciting criminal cases using the caches you find.

Geocaching – Accessories:

The app is available on the App Store here:  
Free download here

Rental device for the use of the Distery tour: available at the Kulturverwaltung Norddeich, Dörper Weg 22 (free of charge against a deposit).